Alcoshot/ Spirit Kits

  • 1 Gallon Spirit Equipment Starter Kit
    This kit contains all the equipment you need to make any of the one gallon spirit kits on sale on our website. Here is the list of the Equipment in this starter kit: • 2 x Plastic Demijohns • 2 x Airlocks • Syphon • Spirit Hydrometer • Hydrometer Trial Jar • Lcd Thermometer • Sterliser

  • Alcotec Spirit Base Kit (5 Litres)
    The Alcotec spirit base kit contains a specialised 5 litre turbo yeast for pure high alcohol fermentation. It also contains a stabiliser, a unique 3-stage fining agent and our highly specialised liquid activated carbon filtration solution for filtering out the final impurities. This kit will make 5 litres of up to 20% very pure alcohol by fermentation. The spirit kit contains all you need, except normal sugar and pure water, to produce 5 litres...

  • Mad Millie Handcrafted Gin Kit
    Botanical infused gin, with its beautiful golden hue, has been a classic beverage by many. This kit contains everything you need to transform ordinary vodka into your own blend of London Dry style gin, using a combination of juniper berries, coriander, liquorice root and citrus peels. Pair with tonic or soda water, for a very refreshing cmixer brimming with the complexity of aromatics and spices that delight the senses. Kit Contains: - 1 L...

  • Still Spirits Premium Whiskey Profile Kit
    Still Spirits have developed the Premium Whiskey Profile Kit in response to so many home distillers telling us they wanted to truly hand craft their own whiskey. Flavour notes like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are just some of the notes that make up a whiskey. The Whiskey Profile Kit provides all the whiskey flavour notes so you can adjust the flavour profile of your whiskey to exactly match your preferences. The Profile Kit...

  • Vodka Kit (25 Litres)
    Vinland Vodka Kit will produce 25 litres (5 gallons +) of pure 21% ABV Vodka type alcohol. Use any flavouring you like. This kit contains all the ingredients you need (except sugar) to make high quality 21% strength Swedish Vodka. The Vinland Vodka kit is based on recent new developments in fermentation technology. Now you can brew your own Vodka just as easily as making beer or wine. When finished you can enjoy your own Swedish Vodka on the...

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