• 6 Inch Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2 inch NPT
    Weldless Thermowell Kit has a 1/2" Female NPT (6" Probe). It's total length is 7" with the stem being 6" in length with an Outer Diameter of 3/8" and an Inner Diameter of 1/4".
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  • Weldless Thermowell Kit - 1/2" Female NPT (2" Probe)
    Thermowells are installed onto brewing pots and kettles to allow a thermometer probe or even a temperature controller sensor to be inserted through its hollow tube. It is also used to keep the temperature sensors away from the liquid that it [thermowell] is immersed in. It protects the device from being exposed to the elements such as the flow-induced forces, pressure, and chemical effects of the boiling wort. The process fluid then transfers...
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