Better Brew Beer Kits

Beermaking kits from Better Brew, contains the best liquid malt extracts and the best yeast strains from across the world. This is homebrew taken to a new level - make professional beer at home from a kit!

Better Brew beer kits are made from the best liquid malt extract from several different manufacturers around the world. We have simply picked the best extract for each kit.

We have not settled for the usual "one for all" yeast strain either. We use genuine professional brewers yeast strains. The different ales and bitters in the range contains different strains according to style and the lagers contain a particularly neutral strain.

There are no colourings at all in the Better Brew kits, neither caramel (which if used has to show on the ingredients list) nor malt colourings (which don't need to be declared). All colour in the Better Brew range is derived from the malt itself. It won't get any more natural than this.

The Better Brew range of kits come in DOY packaging (standing up plastic pouches) because it:

  • Allows us to use different weights, so more malt in the dark ales
  • Is better for handling, especially online and mail order sales
  • Gives us a lower carbon footprint than using metal cans
  • Gives us a lower packaging cost, so we can use more expensive raw materials

  • Better Brew Yorkshire Bitter 1.8 kgs (40 Pints)
    Golden chestnut colour, a hint of sweetness and with a slight nutty taste and a creamy head. This is a classic from the Yorkshire dales. Bitterness 30-36 EBU, colour 22-28 EBU, alcohol 4.3% ABV.   Requires 1kg of brewing sugar. We recommend using 1kg of spraymalt of 1 can of light liquid malt to turn this beer kit into a pure malt kit.

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