Wine Expert 30 Bottles Supreme

Our most popular premium wines are made from the Selection series and those who demand wines with exceptional body, flavour and aroma will be able to choose the perfect accompaniment for every occasion. If you are serious about making really good wine, this is the range for you!

  • Wine Expert Argentine Malbec with Grape Skins (Makes 30 Bottles)
    Selection Argentine Malbec with grape skins is a medium/full-bodied, dry red wine with firm acidity, rich tannins and generous alcohol levels. Dark, inky purple colour and ripe fruit flavours of plums, black cherry and blackberry give an almost jammy character on the palate. Smoke, earth, leather, wild game, tobacco and white/black pepper along with intriguingly spicy notes make for an interesting medley of aromas and flavours, adding to layers...
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  • Wine Expert Australian Petit Verdot with Grape Skins 30 Bottles
    Best described as a 'Super Cabernet', this is a dark rich wine with wonderfully concentrated flavours of juicy blackberry and black currant, with smooth, gripping tannins and an elegant structure leading to a magnificent, boldly oaked finish.  With intense fruit-forward character, this wine drinks well immediately and it will fully round out in only three months, delivering intense fruit and richness.  Serve with grilled steak, roasted...
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  • Wine Expert Italian Amarone Style with Grape Skins (30 bottles)
    Italy's most powerful wine, Amarone is renowned as a fruity, full-bodied, with rich intensity from the dried grapeskins included in the fermentation. Winexpert's Selection Italian Amarone with Grape Skins is an intense, complex wine, with a wide array of flavours and aromas. Deep, nearly opaque red, this heavyweight exudes aromas of sour cherries, dark chocolate, stewed plums, dried fruits, anise, raisins, bitter almond, tobacco, leather and...
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