A Custom Build Mash Kit (23 litres)

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After many requests for custom made mash kits we have finally decided to do something about it. What we are offering is to put together any of your recipes into our mash kit format. So how does it work, just purchase one of these kits here and then insert the recipe into the notes of your order.


So what is allowed and required?


·         The mash kit must be reasonable; we won’t go making anything up with 200g of hops for dry hopping.

·         The malt bill must be for a 5 gallon batch 19-23 litres region, the malt bill must reflect this. Max malt allowed 8kg.

·         The hops for the recipe must be in stock on our site, you can use pellets or leaf.

·         Please work out the hop weights required based on the alpha acids listed on our website; we will not adjust recipes for alphas.

·         Clearly mark the times for the hop additions, where two hops are added at the same time, we will combine them into one pack marked with the time.

·         Maximum amount of hops per recipe is 160g

·         Clearly state the grain types and amounts of each. These will be combined into one bag.

·         Clearly state if the grain is to be crushed or whole, failing to do so, will result in default crushed.

·         Choose a yeast from our dried yeast selection only (One per Recipe).

·         State if a whirlfloc tablet is required.

·           Any adjuncts such as herbs or lactose etc… must be purchased separately


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