A Used Corny Kegs - Pack of 3 (19lt Ball Lock) ***

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We have a limited amount of secondhand Cornelius kegs available for a one time only offer. This is the lowest price you will ever get one of these kegs for. Kegs sold as is. The kegs may contain scratches and dents. 

Ball lock kegs with pressure relief valve in the lid.


Ideal for dispensing beers and wines under pressure. CO2 gas is injected in through the post marked IN on top of the keg and is connected via a Grey Disconnect. It has approximately a 19 litre capacity. These are all ball lock kegs.


So what do we need? You will need:


A regulator


A Grey Disconnect


A tap


2 x Treaded ffl for Disconnect Female Adaptor 3/8 Tube X 7/16 (These screw into the disconnects and allow easy connection of the 3/8 beer/ gas line)


3/8 Beer gas Line


A cylinder of Gas (We don’t sell these)

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