Alcotec 24 MegaKlar 100 Litres

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Alcotec Mega Klar 100L 24hr Finings. 260g for clearing 100L Homebrew Turbo, Wine, Beer, Cider.

Much larger than regular TurboKlar.
A perfect partner for Alcotec Mega Pack 100L.

Easy to use, quick to clear!

These are Super Finings. They clear pretty much any kind of brew.

In simple terms, when you add these sachets of Finings to your brew, they make all the floaty bits sink to the bottom leaving you with a nice clear brew.

Rack off to remove sediment.
Shake or stir vigorously to remove CO2. Leave for 5 minutes and repeat until all CO2 has been removed.
Stir in Part A gently. Wait for 2 hours then add Part B. Stir Part B in very gently just to circulate it for a maximum of 10 seconds.
Leave to clear for 24 hours.

Water, Kieselsol, chitosan (CRUSTACEAN).
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