Alfa Amylase Vinoferm 25 ml

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Liquid. This enzyme breaks down starch and prevents starchy wines or juices from becoming cloudy. Not allowed to be used in commercial wines.

  • dosage: 2-4 g/10 l
  • best kept in the fridge
  • label in English & German


The use of enzymes

You hear the wildest stories about enzymes, so let’s clear up some facts. Unless indicated otherwise, the stated quantity applies at room temperature (20 °C) with a contact time of 12 hours. Every reduction of 7 °C in temperature can be compensated by doubling the dose. Every halving of the desired contact time can also be compensated by doubling the dose. The order in which the ingredients are added is extremely important, one ingredient can have a great influence on the effect of another – even an unfavourable one - so never add e.g. bentonites while the enzymes are still active. Leave at least 12 hours between adding enzymes and adding bentonite.

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