American Wit Beer

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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: American Style Witbier


2115g Pilsner malt

120g    Munich Malt Type II

2115g Wheat Flaked

500g    Oats Flaked

13 g    Cascade (Whole) boiled 60 minutes.

16 g     Cascade (Whole) boiled 5 minutes.

12 g     Orange Peel Sweet (dried) 5min

12 g     Coriander crushed 5 min

Yeast:   Brewferm Blanche or WLP400


Original Gravity: 1.048

Terminal Gravity: 1.010

Alcohol (%volume): 5.0 %


Based on a 75% efficiency.


The American Wit is a Belgian-style wit beer with the added spice of some American citrus hops. The beer pours to a cloudy orange-copper color. The cloudiness comes from the unfiltered nature of this beer. Orange on the nose and on the pour the large head lasts to the last mouthful. A very smooth mouthfeel to it with rambunctious carbonation. Very refreshing and light.


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