Ample ale

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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Ample Ale

3.0 kg. Pilsner Malt
600g. Maris Otter
500g. Wheat Malt

1.0kg Dark Wheat Malt

50g Crystal Malt

40g Chocolate Malt

17 g Nugget 14.2% 60 minutes
22g Amarillo 9.5% 15 minutes
22g Amarillo 9.5% 5 minutes
22g Amarillo 9.5% 0 minutes

Yeats S-05

Boil volume 26lt
Fermenter 23lt

Original Gravity 1.048 Alcohol 4.9%

Based on a 72% efficiency.

An easy drinking American style pale ale with crisp finish and wonderful hop flavour and aroma.

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