Best Special X 500g Crushed (BESTMALZ) 300 EBC

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The Malt


BEST Special X imparts to beer – depending on the amount in the grist – a smooth roasty flavor reminiscent of raisins or dried fruit. The beer possesses a chestnut to dark hue (depending on rate) and an aromatic and harmonious full-bodied character. The malt does not, however, introduce bitter roasted flavours but rather brings a mild smoothness to beer without any of the astringent qualities associated with other dark malts. BEST Special X is a cool and “crafty” malt-product. Any craft-brewer should try-out this malt in his or her creations. BEST Special X is produced according to a unique malting process and is very gently kilned afterwards. This creates a malt with an uncommonly mild flavour that despite its dark colour exhibits very pleasant nuances. The finest two-rowed summer malting barley varieties and careful malting practices employing state of the art techniques form the foundation for this very distinctive malt with an exceptional flavour and aroma.




Perfectly suited for amber coloured beers, all types of dark beer, Belgian styles like Abbey, Trappist beer, Belgian Ales and Dutch-style beers (wit beers).


Usage Rate


Up to 20% of the grain bill.

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