Brewferm Hop Sensation Kentish Gold 20 g

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Bestows your beer with the spicy, earthy aromas of a classic English Pale Ale.

Adjust, improve and perfect your beer.

Hop Sensation is a 100% natural, concentrated hop extract, available in multiple varieties. You simply add it to young beer before bottling, replacing dry hops.

Add these natural hop sensations before bottling to bring your beer to perfection. Creates an instant effect and guaranteed consistent results, regardless of hop harvest. Easy and always available.

Add according to taste; a single package is sufficient for maximum 20 litres of beer (recommended dose: max 1 g/l beer).

• Instantly effective, the dosage can be adjusted immediately after tasting. With traditional dry hopping, flavour is harder to adjust.
• Hop Sensation is much more efficient (up to 100%) in imparting flavours and aromas than traditional dry hopping, where only 20 to 35% of the hops' flavours and aromas are absorbed by the wort. Therefore, a smaller dose is enough for the same impact, making the product cost-effective for the brewer.
• No hop cones or granules added to the beer means no hop residue to be filtered out.
• Standardised product to facilitate brewing beer with a consistent flavour, as the dosage is no longer dependent on the batch or year the hops were harvested.
• Improved shelf life compared to hops, product is light stable and can be stored at room temperature.
• Stable quality for the entire life span (1 year)
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