Brown Porter

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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Brown Porter


3.5kg. Maris Otter Pale

450g English Brown Malt

315g Crystal Malt 100 EBC

300g Chocolate Malt

35g Fuggles (Whole, 5.4 %AA) boiled 60 minutes.

15g Fuggles (Whole, 5.4 %AA) boiled 10 minutes.

Yeast: Safale 04


Original Gravity: 1.044

Terminal Gravity: 1.010

Alcohol (%volume): 4.4 %


We have had this on for a few of the demonstrations now and it has gone down a storm.


Batch sparge calcs:

Initial Mash Volume 11.4lt

Top up at end of mash 8.4lt

Batch (2) 14.2lt

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