Bruphoria Finishing Hops 20g (Galaxy)

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Brewphoria Hop packs contain 20 grams specially selected hop pellets. This is the largest pack of this type on the market. Each type can be selected for each individual’s unique preference. These hops give your finished beer a fresh aroma and add a touch of bittering. They are ideal for all homebrew beers, kits, extract and all grain. They can be used to transform any beer into the freshest beer possible. Very simple to use:


Soak the hop pack in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. This has two functions; it sterilizes the pack and starts to release the flavour from the pack. After 10 minutes add the contents of the cup, pack and water to your beer. We recommend adding this pack on day 5 of fermentation and leave it in place until you are ready to bottle your homebrew beer. We recommend leaving the pack steeping for a minimum of 2 days for maximum impact. Start to try the various types today, these will transform any beer into something special.

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