FastFerment Insulated Jacket

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The FastFerment™ Insulated Jacket is specially designed for FastFerment™. The Insulated Jacket is affordable & allows you to create the ideal temperature for brewing & winemaking in your FastFerment™.

  • maintains the ideal temperature for brewing and winemaking
  • designed to fit with the wall mounts and the stand
  • easy access to thermometer
  • airlock stays visible
  • easy zipping, using 2 zippers

  • sturdy nylon exterior
  • waterproof insulating fabric inside
  • dimensions: diameter 52 cm, height 86 cm

How does the Insulated Jacket work?

It is easy to control the desired temperature by using frozen 1- & 2-litre bottles as follows:

Temperature drop
Frozen ice bottles required
1 x 1-litre bottle
1 x 2-litre bottle
2 x 2-litre bottles
3 x 2-litre bottles

This method is scalable all the way up to around a 17°C drop below room temperature!
A frozen 2-litre bottle typically does not thaw completely in 24 hours so it is easy to maintain a constant temperature drop.

The graph (see product images) highlights a lager fermented at 12°C in a 20°C room. For this test, 3 frozen 2-litre bottles were cycled every 24-36 hours.

In cool climates, simply add a non-electrical heating pad.
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