Festival - Oaked Apple Real Fruit Cider 4.5kg (40 Pints)

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One of our most popular beer kit producers have taken up the reigns of cider making with these brand new kits made from real fruit produce.

These all inclusive kits, produce high quality looking and tasting cider.

This Oaked Apple kit is made from 75% Apple juice concentrate, and is mixed with an assortment of other dried fruits and flowers such as, raisins, rosehip shells, rowanberries and oak chips.

Produces a pale straw coloured cider with a fresh apple aroma.

Well balanced, with a delicate oak finish.

It's crisp, refreshing and smooth on the palate.

This oaked apple cider kit comes out at a high ABV of 7.2%

Makes 40 pints or 23 Litres.
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