HBC American Wit Beer Mashkit (23lt) 4.8%

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The American Wit is a Belgian-style wit beer with the added spice of some American citrus hops. The beer pours to a cloudy orange-copper color. The cloudiness comes from the unfiltered nature of this beer. Orange on the nose and on the pour the large head lasts to the last mouthful. A very smooth mouthfeel to it with rambunctious carbonation. Very refreshing and light.

Grain: Pilsner, Munich type II, Flaked Wheat, Flaked oats

Hops: Cascade

Adjuncts: Coriander, Sweet Orange Peel

Contains all the grain, hops and yeast required with full instructions.

These kits are perfect for those looking to start producing beer using the all grain method.

Equipment for producing beer following the all grain method as well as basic brewing knowledge is required.

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