HBC Belgian Triple Mashkit (20lt)

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This beer is bright yellow to gold in colour, which is a shade or two darker than the average Pilsner. The head is big, dense and creamy. The aroma and flavour runs along complex, spicy phenolic, powdery yeast, fruity/ estery with a sweet finish. The sweetness comes from both the pale malts and the higher alcohol. The bitterness is right up there for a beer with such a light body for its strength, but at times is barely perceived amongst the even balance of malts and hops. The lighter body comes from the use of Belgian candy sugar, which not only lightens the body, but also adds complex alcoholic aromas and flavours.

Contains all the grain, hops, yeast and whirlfloc tablet required with full instructions.

Grain: Pilsner, Melanoidin and Candi Sugar

Hops: Tettnanger, Saaz

These kits are perfect for those looking to start producing beer using the all grain method.

Equipment for producing beer following the all grain method as well as basic brewing knowledge is required.

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