HBC Extract Munich Helles (23 Litres)

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Melanoidin Malt.

Hallertau Mittlefrau

1 Whirlfloc Tablet.

1 sachet of Lager Yeast


Suitable for all grain or extract brewing. Requires 2.6kg Light Dry Malt Extract, or 4.53kg of crushed pilsner malt for all grain brewing. Once the wort comes to the boil add all the hops. These hops will be left to boil for an hour. 15 minutes from the end of the one hour boil, add the whirlfloc tablet. At the end of the boil, turn off the boiler and chill with an immersion wort chiller. Ferment at 10°C. Allow the beer to lager for at least 4 weeks before bottling.


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