The Grainfather Connect (Incs FREE Mash Kit and Steriliser) NEW MODEL

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I've been hybrid BIAB all grain brewing for a few years now and this knocks absolute spots off of it. I genuinely can't see brewing being any more convenient than this for the hobbyist. It's a very expensive bit of kit but a lot of time and thought has gone into making this the ideal solution. My only, very slight, gripe is the fact that you need a sparge water heater, but it is what it is.

The deal from was untouchable. Not only did I get the Grainfather for the lowest price I could find, I also got a complete all grain brewing kit (Grain, Hops, Yeast, Protofloc) and the Grainfather Cleaning powder. The description states that steriliser is included but it's not just a sachet of generic stuff to get you started, it's the actual bona fide Grainfather product that's selling for around £10. Fantastic deal, noone comes close to it that I could see.

I decided to go all out with this kit too. I got the Grainfather kit, Water Heater, Stainless Fermenter, paddle, hop spyder and jacket. I only had the kit and the water heater for my first brew though, the rest were ordered later. Now having everything together it they all compliment each other very well.

Assembly is a piece of cake. The new kit comes with a lot of changes from the original and to that end the instructions were a little out of date, but nothing that couldn't be easily figured out. The new connect interface is fantastic, setting it up with my phone and understanding it all was a complete breeze. The only slight issue I had with it was if the signal was lost, when it re-connected it wouldn't continue the program. I think I understand why this is the case.... the connect doesn't know it's a recipe program, it's just sent the instructions, but it was a bit tricky to get around at first. It calculates your water requirements, including sparge, and completely alerts you to every step and even tells you what to do on the screen. It's such a simple thing that will make brewing life so much more relaxed. I couldn't believe how good the interface was. The good news is that you don't even need to have a phone to use it, it's just quicker/simpler.

During the brew it was an absolute breeze, the reminders came up brilliantly and I was able to sit back and relax while my program ran itself. I only had to get up at the start of the boil to stir away the hot break (VERY important, mine almost boiled over lol). Regarding the boil, i read reviews stating that it wasn't much of a boil. I'm not sure if these were in America with the slightly lower wattage heater, the rolling boil I had was absolutely fantastic. Much better than my previous setup and very even.

I used leaf hops so cleaning was a doddle too. I just took it out the back and hosed it down before bringing it in for a proper clean with the grainfather stuff. Some slight scorching of the sugars was easily wiped away with a sponge after a soak and the filters all cleaned through effortlessly. I got the hop spyder even though it's said it's not actually required, I didn't use it for this brew though. I just get the feeling that with pellet hops it would be beneficial. Leaf hops I wouldn't bother to be honest. The filter did a great job and it cleans so easily. From now on anytime I'm using leaf they will go straight into the boiler, pellets will go into the spider. That should be a good compromise.

It was my first time using a counterflow chiller, miles better than the submersible coil chiller I was using before. Easily halved the time it takes to get my beer in the bucket. Oh, I used the run off with starsan to sterilise my FV while waiting. Worked out perfectly. The beer was nicely filtered by the grain bed and the hop bed too so there wasn't anywhere near as much break in the FV as I normally see.

I can't recommend this kit enough and I can't wait for my next brew.
Date Added: 08/02/2017 by Scott McGilvery
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