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An easy to use tablet form of refined grade carrageenan kettle finings which is used to fine difficult worts. Carrageenan is derived from certain types of seaweed and is a sulphated polysaccharide which complexes with undesirable protein fractions. These carrageenan products are usually added with 5 minutes to go in the boil and aid in wort clarification.

The product is a tableted kettle finings product that can be added directly to wort. A traditional and natural product which removes substantial quantities of haze forming material without affecting head retention. Prolongs shelf life in small pack beers. Produces brighter worts, reducing the amount of finings required later. Especially suited for worts that are difficult to fine bright. Tablets can be counted rather than weighed when small amounts are used


(a)   How much of the product to add


All types of beer will benefit from the use of kettle finings. The exact rate for a given wort will vary according to the brewery, the recipe and the types of malt and adjuncts used. The following table gives an indication of typical rates, but a kettle finings optimisation should be carried out to determine this more accurately. It is better to add a little too much rather than too little; beer quality will not be compromised; the worse that can happen is higher beer losses in FV.

Weaker beers, or those using syrups – 1.5g/ 100 litres

Standard beers, all malt grists – 2g/ 100 litres

Stronger or high nitrogen adjunct beers 2.g/ 100litres        


(b)   Where to add the product


The product should be added directly to the kettle towards the end of the wort boil. As it is a refined grade of carrageenan, it requires only a short period of boiling during which to disperse. The product should be added 5 minutes from the end of the boil; it is not sufficient to make the addition then allow the kettle to stand. Equally, adding the product any earlier in the boil will cause excessive degradation of the carrageenan and reduced fining performance. If it is not possible to interrupt the boil or to open the kettle, the product can be added to the whirlpool where it will disperse quickly.

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