Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Chocolate Brown Ale - 2.2kg (40 Pints)

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Sweet and malty in taste with rich fruit and brown sugar aroma.  Leaves you with a delicious nutty aftertaste.


ABV Approx. 4.1%


Bitterness: IBU 26-34


Bitterness rating 2/5


Colour Approx: Mahogany


Comes with: UK Dark Ale Yeast 10 g


NET WEIGHT: 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)


Each of our Brewery Pouches has two sides. One has been filled with some of Europe's finest brewers' extracts, specially selected to match each beer style. The other, contains a high quality yeast strain to give you the desired aromas for your chosen beer. All our kits are cold filled into a pouch, instead of a can, to retain all the delicate flavours and aromas which are lost using the traditional canning process.


This kit requires 1kg of brewing sugar. For a better finish to the beer we recommend using 1kg of spraymalt or one can of liquid malt extract.

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