Minch Glenesk Peated Malt 4 EBC 500g Crushed 50PPM

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An exclusive peated malt from Glenesk maltings in Scotland. This is a limited edition malt and can now be purchased exclusively through The Homebrew Company. This maltings has been producing premium peated malts for well over 100 years. The malt has been used to produce the finest Glenesk Whiskey.




IOB Soluble Extract 0.7mm as is basis %SE 78.9

IOB Fine Coarse Difference Soluble 0.2-0.7mm %SE 0.4

IOB Predicted Spirit Yield 0.7mm as is basis L / Tonne 415

IOB Ferm Extract 0.7mm as is basis % 68.5

Moisture % 4.5

IOB Colour deg EBC 3.4

Total Nitrogen dry basis % 1.46

IOB Soluble Nitrogen Ratio % 44.2

Diastatic Power as is deg IOB 72

IOB Fermentability Real Unboiled Wort % 86.8

Phenols Indophenol ppm 52.1

n Nitrosodimethylamine ppb 1.9

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