Minch Irish Grown Wheat Malt 25kg (Crushed)

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A new Irish venture in malt is born!


Minch Malt brings for the first time in Ireland, 100% Irish Wheat malt. Wheat grown in Ireland and malted at their maltings in Athy, Co.Kildare, Ireland.


Irish wheat yields are on average the highest in the world, driven by higher rainfall, mild winters and long cool summer days that help grain filling. That means one thing, big on extract coupled with head performance.




A first for Ireland, 100% Irish grown wheat is malted on the Boby malting plant to produce unique small batch Irish Wheat Malt. Wheat Malt is made with a similar malting process to malting barley. Slightly shorter steeping time as the wheat does not contain its husk, and therefore absorbs water at a quicker rate to allow for germination. Germination takes place at high moisture content to allow for higher modification of the malt.




3-5 EBC. Protein imparts pleasant full mouth feel and improved head stability. Wheat Malt can be added in small amounts to Ales or Lagers to improve head retention and it is the core ingredient for Wheat Beers.




Wheat Beers / Weizen, Ales, IPA, American Pale Ale, Porter.




3-6% for head retention, 40-70% for wheat beers addition to mash tun with base malts. Similar gelatinisation temperature to pale malt.


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