Nitrogen Dual Gauge Regulator with 3/8 John Guest Outlet Manifold

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Nitrogen professional Dual Gauge Regulator. Nitrogen pressure reducer with one free outlet – G3/4 – red mark 6 bar – bottle connection w21.8mm ch30. Comes with single manifold outlet fitted with John Guest which takes 3/8 gas line for ease of use. The manifold outlet is fitted with an open / close valve. These are top of the range regulators.


6 Bar (85 PSI)


These pressure regulators fully meet the highest international quality standards, according to the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 2503 standard. Tested and SK311-014 and SK311-015 certified, they are carefully and thoroughly tested one by one on the test bench before being put on sale. A further guarantee is the incorporated safety valve with sealed calibration.


Whatever your technical requirements or area of use, you will find the pressure reducers you’re looking for here. The pressure gauges and inlet and outlet fittings allow you to build the system around you.


These Regulators have a greater volume in the compensation chamber which, on an operational level, allows the continuous supply of a greater quantity of beverage without the regulator freezing.


These Regulators have an overpressure valve on the diaphragm kit that acts as a second safety valve and makes it possible to relieve pressure from the regulator by turning the adjustment screw (C) counter-clockwise.


Technical specifications

SK Approval
– Food-grade galvanic coating in accordance with NSF 61
– Body made of forged brass with built-in safety valve
– Internal parts of the high pressure valve made of AISI 300 series stainless steel and Teflon seals

– Outlet Connections G1/4
– Cylinder connections based on the country of destination and gas type
Cap made of thermal insulating synthetic resin, which improves and enhances the performance of the regulator by preventing freezing and the formation of bothersome condensation

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