Sorachi Ace Leaf 100g Vacuum packed AA 11.2% 2019 Harvest

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Sorachi Ace Hops originated on the island of Japan. Sorachi Ace Hops has a high yield and are the product of mixing Brewer's Gold with Saaz. Developed to be used in Sapporo beers, Sorachi Ace Hops have a great citrus taste that leans toward the lemon flavor.


A Japanese winner by all counts with its powerful lemon aroma, high bittering value and flavorful personality.


Typical Alpha Acid: 10.2 – 12.9%

Sorachi Ace Hops are usually used as a bittering hop, but with it's great citrus lemon flavor and aroma American style IPAs are using them as flavor hops and even dry hopping with them. These hops are best suited to homebrew beer styles where a lemon taste would be desired, such as a Saison or nice summer ale. Sorachi Ace Hops are also used in low quantities in some lagers. A perfect hop for wheat beers also. Try these today, they won’t be around for long.

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