The Grainfather Connect Control Box

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Features& Specs:
• Complete control over the heater power using a modified PID algorithm, gives more accurate temperature control and removes the need for the Element Variation Switch. No longer is the element simply on or off.
• A Bluetooth connection between your device and the new control box allows the unit to be controlled from your device, and give you updates to your device while still allowing complete manual control on the system itself. Our new auto mode uses this Bluetooth connection to automate the control of the Grainfather, making brewing a breeze.
• New simple user friendly design - screen/buttons.
• Water resistant face (no cover anymore).
• Fits all Grainfathers currently on the market (attachment lugs can be moved to suit), and you can swap between Celsius & Fahrenheit as desired.
What else should I know?

There will be an entirely new app which you will need to download - Grainfather Connect, in order to control the unit, rather than the existing one. This will be available at the same time as the control boxes. This will be available on Apple and Android devices. The control box will also be useable with or without the app.
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