Wait A Minute Wheres Me Wheat Beer (40 Pints) 3Kg

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This homebrew wheat beer is up there with any commercial wheat on the market today. You won’t believe you are drinking a homebrewed wheat. We have combined the finest wheat malt extract in the world with a top quality wheat yeast to give you an unsurpassed homebrew wheat. It has a light to medium body and is lightly hopped. It is yeasty which is true to style, highly effervescent, slightly sour and suggestive of cloves and bananas. Some cloudiness is acceptable in this style as wheat can add haze from protein. Trust us at The Homebrew Company to deliver you the best homebrew wheat beer on the market.


The kit includes 3kg of premium wheat malt liquid extract; it is hopped to 30 IBU. We use an authentic wheat yeast, WB-06.



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