Wit or Wit Out You (40 Pints) 3Kg

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This is a wonderful light, refreshing beer that we at The Homebrew Company have carefully developed to ensure you are getting the best available homebrew Wit on the market. This is an excellent example of a homebrewed Wit beer which will rival any commercial example. Every beer in this range has been carefully developed to ensure each individual style is represented.


The homebrew Wit is a light, wheat based beer with light to medium body, slight sweetness and a zesty orange-fruity finish. It has a clean crisp profile, low hop bitterness and high carbonation with a large white head. This homebrew Wit is slightly cloudy due to the use of unmalted wheat and pale to produce the finest example of a homebrew Wit you will ever taste.


Contains 3kg of premium wheat malt extract. We have hopped this one to 30 IBU. Contains coracoa orange peel and coriander for that authentic finish. We use T-58 in this beer kit.


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