Woodfordes Ale Microbrewery Premium 40 Pint Starter Set

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If you’re looking for a home brewing kit that will easily and economically enable you to brew top notch, real ale in the comfort of your own home - this is it!

Not only is all the equipment included, the ingredients to make 40 pints of award winning, Woodfordes Real Ale is also contained in this kit. This kit contains all the equipment including bottles to make 40 pints of real ale. Full set of instructions also included.

Once you have made your first batch, then this kit is perfect for making any of the other types of beer or cider available from the site.

Kit contains:

Woodfordes Premium Ale Beer kit
33Ltr Fermenting bin + airlock + tap
Bottling Wand
LCD Thermometer

Trial Jar
40 x 500ml Ox-Bar Brown Plastic Bottles and Lids

1 Pack of carbonation drops

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