Activated Carbon and Finnings

  • Activated Liquid Carbon, 140 gram
    Liquid Carbon is a fine carbon powder immersed in water so already pre-activated and dust free when you add it. Unlike granular carbon, you don't send the liquid through the carbon, but rather the carbon through the liquid when you use powders (Liquid Carbon). So the Liquid Carbon is added to water or alcohol, leave it there for 24 hours to absorb most impurities, then filter it off, or use a fining agent like alcotec tubo klar to clear off most...

  • Alcopur alcoferm 5g
    Alcopur Special adsorbent minerals used for harmonising the bouquet of ready to drink liqueurs and spirits. Removes the raw aroma's of freshly distilled alcohol. Sufficient for 10-20 litres of liqueur. Easy to use: add to liqueur/alcohol and stir gently. Let it react for 1-3 days while tasting periodically. Siphon when the desired result is achieved. ALCOPUR does not dissolve in alcohol/ liqueur, so can easily be removed!

  • Alcotec 24 TurboKlar
    Torbo Klar is the best product available to clear your base spirit. Designed to remove solids and semi-soluble compounds which can be carried through the distillation process (in countries where distillation is legal), it yields a quality finished base spirit without unwanted tastes and aromas. Directions: After fermentation is complete, degas the wash by stirring vigorously for 1 minute, then resting. Repeat this process until there is no sign...

  • Alcotec Pure Karbon 1kg
    The Pure Karbon activated carbon is 0.4 - 0.85 mm in particle size. It has an even better absorption than the standard Karbon. This is used for extremely pure filtrations, to achieve the optimum results possible.

  • Alcotec Spirit Karbon 1 Kg
    Alcotec homebrew spirit carbons have been totally recreated using new extreme types of activated carbon; the result is better filtering and a much superior output.  The new pouches are bigger containing 1 Kg which is approximately 2 litres of carbon. Alcotec Spirit Karbon has a granular size of 0.4 to 0.85 mm. Alcotec Pure Karbon has a granular size of 0.4 to 1.7 mm

  • Antifoam Agent 32ml
    Anti-fungicides are used to counteract strong foam formation. 1 ml is sufficient for 25 litres.   M10 Stable Foam lowers surface tension. Can not be used in beer as all foam completely disappears.   Prevents foaming at all fermentation. Prevents chewing of juice and jam. Works well in temperatures from 0-150 ° C. Recommended dosage 20-22 drops (1 ml) per 25 liters. Content: Water, Food Silicone 10%, Citric Acid, Preservative. Approved...

  • Still Spirits Ceramic Boil Enhancers
    Aids the start of the boil process to ensure a smooth boil. Add the Ceramic Boil Enhancers in the wash prior to starting the boil.

  • Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
    Turbo Carbon by Still Spirits Add to the ferment with any Turbo yeast for a clean, smooth spirit wash. 130g sachet. Treats 25l to 30l

  • Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings
    Dual sachet Still Spirits Turbo Clear finings Turbo Clear is added directly to the wash after fermentation is complete and removes over 90% of the yeast cells in the wash within 24 hours together with dissolved solids and other compounds. Sachets treat 25 litres or 5 gallons or 30 bottles.

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