Stouts and Porters

Stouts and Porters are dark coloured beers typically made using dark and roasted malts as the influential ingredient. Traditionally these beers were made to be strong beers. Some styles included in this category are:

Baltic Porter

Imperial Stout

Dry Stout



American Stout
Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: American Stout 6.74 kg. Maris Otter 470g. Roast Barley 360g. Chocolate Malt 360g. Crystal Malt 42g. Galena (Whole,... more info
Art Genesis
Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Art Genesis 3.5 kg. Maris Otter 500g. Roast Barley 1.0 kg. Flaked Barley 58g. East Kent Goldings (Whole, 5.0 %AA) 60... more info
Black Treacle Stout
Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Black Treacle Stout 4.14 kg. Maris Otter 630g. Roast Barley 230g. Wheat Malt 125g. Chocolate 300g Black Treacle added... more info
Brown Porter
Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Brown Porter   3.5kg. Maris Otter Pale 450g English Brown Malt 315g Crystal Malt 100 EBC 300g Chocolate Malt 35g... more info