Back Nut,Plastic (3/4" BSP)
Replacement back nut for both the quick serve and drum taps. more info
Beer Tap - Standard - Chrome Plated
Chrome plated brass standard dispensing faucet with brass lever. Requires a shank and handle.   Finish: chrome plated. Material: brass. more info
£25.00  £20.00
Save: 20%
Bruphoria Bottler Complete
The Bruphoria complete bottler includes a tap with sediment trap at the back.which fits into your fermenter and a bottling wand, which has a valve on... more info
Coopers DIY Beer Snap Tap
Out Of Stock
Easy to clean, two piece snap tap designed specifically for the Coopers DIY Beer Fermenter and the Coopers DIY Beer Craft Brew Kit. more info
Plastic Tap With Sediment Reducer Attached
Out Of Stock
The ideal tap for all fermenters. This tap comes with a sediment reducer attached so no sediment will come through when taking a sample. Ideal for... more info
Tap PVC and Backnut Red
For screwing on plastic containers, buckets, ... Red model with little handle. Can take tubing.  The bottle filling device fits with this tap... more info
Tap PVC with back nut including 2 seals white/black
Description   PVC tap for attaching to plastic casks.   equipped with ergonomic handle for a better grip spare seal included design... more info
Tap Washer
Provides an air tight seal to your Quick Serve or Drum Tap. more info