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25kg Pale Light Malt Liquid Extract Cedarex ( Muntons )
The Cedarex malt extract range is made from only 100% Premium grade malts, mashed, filtered and extracted in the brew-house. Ideal base for all... more info
A Custom Build Mash Kit (23 litres) (Liquid Yeast Option)
After many requests for custom made mash kits we have finally decided to do something about it. What we are offering is to put together any of your... more info
Beaverdale Merlot 30 bottles
This grape produces a rich fruity non-astringent wine that, because of its softness, is often blended with many of the world's finest red wines. ... more info
Bruphoria Bottler Complete
The Bruphoria complete bottler includes a tap with sediment trap at the back.which fits into your fermenter and a bottling wand, which has a valve on... more info
Bruphoria Finishing Hops 20g (Zeus)
Brewphoria Hop packs contain 20 grams specially selected hop pellets. This is the largest pack of this type on the market. Each type can be selected... more info
East Kent Goldings Pellets Vacuum Packed 1kg *****
This year we are fortunate to be able to offer East Kent Goldings to the trade. Use these for your best Pale Ales and Bitters. Alpha Acid 4.0-7.0%... more info
Hand Craft Range Smugglers Special 3.6Kg 40 Pints 5.0% ABV
A true premium ale with a heady balance of aromatic hops and malty sweetness but beware, drink with care, as one glass begs another! With this kit... more info
HB 33lt Fermenter with Scale, Lid, Grommit and Tap
Out Of Stock
A larger bucket with a much deeper head space for those extra active beers. Comes with a tap which is handy for a sneak preview or taking a sample... more info