• iBrew Tap A Draft, 4 by 10 pint minikeg system (40 pints)
    It comes with: – 4 by 10 pint minikegs, – a unique carbonator/tap unit, – 4 by CO2 bulbs, – and instruction booklet. Its a wonderful alternative to conventional 40 pint kegs and has many advantages: – no secondary fermentation is required (the 10 pint kegs are ready to dispense an hour after injecting the CO2), – they fit in a houshold fridge so that your beer can be chilled, and – they can be moved around: from your...
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  • King Keg Top Tap with 8grm Pin Valve Cap
    The barrel has a capacity of 5.6 gallons, giving a good head space for the production of CO2 during secondary fermentation. The barrel has a wide 4" neck allowing for easy cleaning and filling. Twin drop handles for safe and easy handling. Safety neck with interrupted thread and a strengthened base. The barrel is made of prime grade material, which is abrasion resistant. We supply this barrel with a combined injection and pressure valve cap. Pin...

    Six liter Tap-A-Draft PET bottles (BPA-free). These bottles include reusable 32mm screw caps, and will keep beer fresh for up to 4 months. For use with the Tap-A-Draft dispensing head. Bottles are 12.5" tall by 7.5" wide. Case of 4 six liter bottles with 4 reusable 32mm screw caps.

  • 5 Gal Basic White Barrel with 8grm Pin valve
    This bottom tap barrel holds 40 pints. The barrel has a small 2” diameter neck. To pressurise the barrel the screw cap is fitted with a brass valve for use with Spare Plastic red bulb holder and CO2 Bulbs 8g Heimo

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