Brewferm GiftBox Gold (With Free Glass)

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The Brewferm Gift Set contains two Brewferm beer kits. Each box also comes with a free beer glass suited to the individual beer kit style. These are a once off box set so grab a bargain whilst you can!


The ideal gift for those seeking uncompromising quality and an excellent result ... but not only! The gift box contains two malts prepared Brewferm Gold and glass, tasting inevitable tool for any homebrewer!


Malt prepared to produce 12 liters of beer type "Pils" straw colour with a creamy foam head. A real luxury Pils with a better taste than normal lager. Comparable to the best Scandinavian beers. The pack contains a sachet of dry yeast.


Serve at 6 ° C.


Requires the addition of 1000g sugar.

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