Auxiliary Finnings 250ml

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Auxiliary finings are optional post-fermentation finings that are used in conjunction with isinglass finings to produce brilliant clarity in cask-conditioned beers, but they must not be added at the same time as isinglass. Auxiliary finings have a strong negative charge which attract positively-charged particles to it, swamping their positive charge and forcing them to have a net negative charge. The beer then contains only negatively-charged particles, thus when isinglass (which is positively charged) is added later, all the particles are attracted to it, which aggregate until they are heavy enough to drop out of suspension. This greatly enhances the performance of isinglass; not only is a brighter beer the result, but the quantity of isinglass required is usually less than half the normal dose. There is probably little point in using auxiliary finings without the subsequent use of isinglass or similar types of finings because the auxiliary finings have the function of preparing or preconditioning the beer to improve the action of isinglass or similar.
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