• Alcoholmeter + Thermometer 0-100 Volume
    Used to measure alcohol content in distilled spirits. Similar in use to a brewing hydrometer, but measures in a different range. You must float the alcoholometer in a sample to obtain a reading. Also called a proof & traille hydrometer, and also includes a thermometer allowing you to correct your reading for the temperature of the sample.

  • Blue Indicator VINOFERM 100 ml
    Indicator to measure the acidity with the acidometer Vinoferm. Guaranteed quality !   Can I measure the pH instead of the acidity of my must? No! In winemaking, the acidity is the representation of the number of grams of acid in your wine/juice, usually expressed in grams tartaric acid per litre. This can only be measured by means of a special indicating solution like VINOFERM blue indicator. What is pH? pH is the measurement of the...
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  • Dial Thermometer Large
    Height : 12"  Diameter: 2 1/4" This dial thermometer has a large face and a 12" probe that gives quick and accurate readings. Monitor the temperature easily by using the metal clip to attach to the lip of the mash tun or boil kettle. Reads temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit in two degree increments. The nut on the back of the dial allows for calibration in case you need to.

  • Hardness-strips for water, 10 strips
    Determine the hardness of your brewing water yourselves. Easy to use : dip the strip in water, wait 1 minute and read the hardness ! Packing with 10 strips.

  • Hydrometer
    The beer and wine maker's best friend. Use your hydrometer at the beginning, during and at the end of fermentation, to tell you the specific gravity of your brew enabling you to work out the amount of sugar required, alcohol content and the end of fermentation. This is an essential piece of equipment for all home brewers. Best used with a trial jar.

  • Large Self Adhesive Liquid Crystal Thermometer (10 to 40 oC)
    Self-adhesive thermometer (10 to 40 oC) with liquid crystals that display the correct fermentation temperature continuously. Does not come in contact with the liquid. Stick it on the side of your fermenter to get an accurate temperature reading at all times.

  • LCD Thermometer Deluxe
    Self-adhesive thermometer for continuous temperature display. Simply attach to the side of your fermenter. Temperature range 0-32°C

  • Mash Thermometer - with protective cover
    High-quality glass thermometer encased in a protective white plastic housing with attachment hook. Ideal for use as a mashing thermometer. Easy to dismantle for cleaning. With extendable clip for mounting on your brew kettle. With red alcohol scale for clear readings. The thermometer can be fully immersed in liquid to attain a correct temperature reading. Temperature scale: -10°C to +120°C Accuracy: +/- 1°C Dishwasher safe With extendable...

  • Pocket digital thermometer -50 +150C
    Very useful model. . stainless steel probe (12 cm) with sharp tip. - Range : -50°C till +150°C - Immediate reading per 0.1°C ! - Pocket-clip included. - Coincell battery not included
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  • Refractometer 0-18 PLATO / 0.1 + ATC
    Refractometer BEER 0 - 18° Plato with ATC:  Model specially for beer brewers. Ideal for checking your wort during reducing, as well as monitoring the rinsing of the brewers' grain. Scale 0 - 18°, per 0.1°. With ATC (automatic temperature correction between 10 and 30°C) Model specially for beer brewers.
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  • Ritchies Acid Test Kit
    A Ritchies product for testing the acidity of beers and wines. This kit contains all the equipment and reagents to determine acid content.
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  • Scale digital 500gr/0.1gr
    Digitale scale 500 g Handy model for accurate weighing of all sorts of ingredients! With clear LCD display. Weighs up to 500 g per 0,1 g. Tare function. Counting function. Automatic shut off function. Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 25 mm. Works on included 9 V battery (included).

  • Scale Digital Primo 0-5kg / 1 gr
    Digital scale Primo silver 5 kg High quality weighing scale with digital read-out. With tare-function and automatic shut-off. Capacity: 5 kg, with increments of 1 gram. Batteries included. Easy to use with 2 buttons.

  • Spirit Meter 0-100% 26cm
    This spirit meter is used to measure the alcohol content of spirits. It is calibrated to be accurate when your spirit is 20 degrees Celsius. Its range goes form 0 - 100%

  • Spoon scale digital Cooking Star Soehnle 500 g/ 0.1 g
    Digital measuring scale spoon with easy to read LCD screen for precise measurement of spices, baking powders, sweetener, fine loose leaf teas, etc. weighs up to 500 g accuracy: up to 0.1 g with HOLD function battery: 1 x 3 V (battery included) energy saving auto-off function 3 year warranty

  • Stainless Steel Tongs
    These stainless steel tongs are perfect for retrieving items from your boil. They make it a snap to retrieve your grain or hop bag.They measure 16" in total length

  • Tincture of Iodine 30 ml
    Use this to check that starch conversion is complete, by removing a few grains from the mash, place them on a white surface and add 2-3 drops of the Iodine. If the Iodine turns a dark blue to black in colour this shows that conversion is incomplete and continue to mash.

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