Black Treacle Stout

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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Black Treacle Stout

4.14 kg. Maris Otter
630g. Roast Barley
230g. Wheat Malt
125g. Chocolate

300g Black Treacle added at 5 minutes
33g. Galena (Whole, 12.6 %AA) 60 min.
Yeast : S-04

Boil volume 27lt
Fermenter 23lt

Original Gravity 1.051 Alcohol 5.4%

Based on a 72% efficiency.

Extract version

3.0kg Dark DME
500g Roasted Barley
300g Black Treacle
250g Wheat Malt
160g Chocolate Malt

50g Galena @60min 12.6%% AA

OG 1.058

One of my favourite stouts. One I go back to time and time again. A must try.

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