Bulldog Brews Easter Brew Chocolate Stout

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The Easter Brew Chocolate Stout style has never been seen before. This is the first of it type in this style in a beer kit version. There is a massive 4.2 kgs of malt extract in this homebrew beer kit. This beer kit with rival any all grain version.

Alcohol: 6.0% (vol)

Bitterness: 40-50 EBU

Colour: 90-100 EBC

Net weight: 4.2 kgs

Hop pellets: Sovereign


This is an extremely tasty stout with hearty malt flavours and finished with the perfect dash of chocolate. There are finishing hops included for ease of use.

There is no sugar is required, except a small amount for priming after fermentation. This homebrew beer kit must make the list for all stout lovers. Makes 40 pints.

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