Eureka Pellets Vac packed 100g Alpha Acid 17.5% 2019 Harvest

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Current AA__17.5%


Beta: 5.0 – 6.0 %

CoH: 27 % of alpha acids

Oil: 3.10 ml/100g

Myrcene 43.00%

Humulene 29.80%

Caryophyllene 14.20%

Farnesene 0.20%

Linalool 0.40%


Parentage: Apollo, German Merkur


Comments: Dank, Black Currant, dark fruit, strong herbal notes, Pine Tree, Mint, pungent,

light grapefruit rind, citrus, Tangerine. Good oil content drives flavour.  Simcoe on Steroids!


The aroma is really forward, almost overwhelming. It is pine needles and grapefruit with a slight mild floral character. Really prominent aroma, cannot be over stated, very aromatic!!

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