Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Traditi

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Few brewers really understand Belgian farmhouse ales. Created for sustenance rather than commercialization, they have remained hidden from study for many generations. But students of Belgian-style beer have found these styles at once simple to brew yet rewardingly flavourful. Now for the first time in an English-language text, master brewer Phil Markowski reveals the brewing and culture of these satisfyingly authentic ales for brewers and beer lovers alike.

Blending both on-the-ground research with modern Belgian producers and extensive experience from his own brewhouse, Markowski details the ingredients and procedures that distinguish these flavourful ales from the rest of the brewing world. In addition, the book includes unprecedented historical commentary from Belgian brewer and beer scholar, Yvan Debaets as well as a lively and informative forward from award-winner Belgian-style beer brewer Tomme Arthur.

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