Woodfordes Wherry Ale 3kg (40pt)

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I made my first ever batch of homebrew using this kit.
Despite getting off to a shaky start with the fermentation stopping prematurely, I was able to save it with a satchet of Safeale SO4 yeast.
I sampled the beer just last week end after just five weeks in the bottle, and I was VERY impressed with the results.
There was good carbonation, and a great foamy head that lasted all the way to the bottom of the glass. The beer itself is almost too drinkable, and with a lovely amber colour it could easily pass as a commercially available beer.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this beer kit to anyone, but possibly substitute the Safeale SO4 yeast for the one that Woodfordes provides, as from what I have read elsewhere, they do tend to be hit and miss.
Date Added: 09/07/2009 by Brendan Shanley
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