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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: SNAP Ale

5.1 kg. Maris Otter
340g. Crystal Malt
16g. Nugget (Whole, 14.2 %AA) 60 min.
16g. Chinook (Whole, 12.7 %AA) 30 min

32g. Cascade (6.5 %AA) boiled 10 min
58 g. Cascade (7.6 %AA) boiled 0 min
Yeast : SO-05

Yeast : S-05

Boil volume 26lt
Fermenter 23lt

Original Gravity 1.051 Alcohol 5.1%

My favourite American pale ale recipe. This is a real cracker. You won’t be disappointed.

Based on a 72% efficiency.

wort volume for boil =27lt
mash vol. = 14lt
top up with 5.8lt
batch#2 vol. =13.6lt

so 14lt for mash
then 19.5 for sparging

main small