Solomon Grundy Medium Sweet White 30 bottles

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7 Day Wine Kits Solomon Grundy - Start the fermentation on day 1, it's finished by day 5, and cleared, ready to drink by day 7. With constant research into fermentation speed and alcohol strength, we use this technology to continually develop new products - hence Solomon Grundy. All designed to give approx. 11%ABV. These were the first kits to be launched in the range, and the best sellers. All the range use addbacks which go into the finished wine - this improves taste & bouquet.

Equipment needed - 25 litre fermenter, Bung, Airlock, Syphon, Wine Bottles, Corks, Shrink labels, Steriliser, Hydrometer and Thermometer. All equipment needed is in the Wine Starter Pack

To make - Pour 5 litres of boiling water into 25 litre fermenter. Add 3 kilos of brewing sugar for White or Rose wines, 4 kilos for Red wines and stir to dissolve. Once dissolved, add the large bottle of concentrate supplied. Top up to 22.5 litres with cold water, then add sachets of Wine Yeast and Yeast Nutrient. Stir well untill the yeast particles dissappear then fit bung and airlock. Transfer the fermenter somewhere warm between 24-30 degree C to ferment for 5 days.
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