Southern Pale Ale

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Recipe: All Grain Style, Name: Southern Pale

3.75 kg. Maris Otter
250g. Brown Malt
250g. Caramunich
300g. Dark Crystal
15g. Nugget (Whole, 14.2 %AA) 60 min.
30g. Rakau (Whole, 12 %AA) 30 min
35g. Rakau (Whole, 12 %AA) 10 min
35g. Rakau (Whole, 12 %AA) 0 min
Yeast : S-04

Boil volume 26lt
Fermenter 23lt
SRM 15
Bitterness 63 IBU

Original Gravity 1.046

A rich ruby red finish to this one. Full bodied with rich fruity flavour coming to the fore from the use of the fragrent New Zealand hops. This one gets better and better with age.

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